Nosebleeds (Epistaxis)

A condition that can affect anyone, it is more common in children and seniors to experience nosebleeds.
There are different types of nosebleeds but they are grouped into two general categories.

Anterior Nosebleed

More common, this is closer to your nostrils and can be caused by a fingernail or something sharp accidentally cuts a open a blood vessel in your septum. The interior walls of your nose might be lacking moisture and more easily allow cracking which could lead to a nosebleed.

Posterior Nosebleed

Less common, this can happen deep inside your sinus cavity and blood may run down the back of your mouth and throat. It is important to visit an ENT to treat posterior nosebleeds to avoid unnecessary blood loss and complications.

For chronic or recurrent nosebleeds, it is important to see a board certified Otolaryngologist to diagnose and treat your specific sinus needs. Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment to identify what type of nosebleed you have and learn how to resolve a chronic bleeding problem.


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